Tuesday, October 16, 2007

European Tour

I recently returned home after spending a week in Europe. The agenda sent me from Ghent (East of Brussels), to Nijmegen and Arnhem (the Netherlands) and then back to Brussels. The architecture found there is what I will remember the most (and the chocolate).

This picture is of a church in Arnhem (the city where the Bridge too Far is located). It is a quaint town that reminds me more of an Ivy League town rather than what I would expect in Europe.

This picture was taken in Brussels. It is the main city building in the town square called The Grand Place. I visited this town square twice every day (for meals and sightseeing). We had rain every day, but as you can see, the rains were short-lived.

Here is the same building viewed at night. I was amazing to see regardless of the time of day. They even had a sound track and light show on Wednesday night. The song was in French, so I do not know what the words meant, but it had a harder edge to it (something like Bach's Fugue in D minor - everyone knows this song even though they do not know the title - Google it and you'll see).

This is a picture taken inside San Michele (St Michael's) in the heart of Brussels. This cathedral was unbelievable. I visited it three times in the three short days I was there. The stations of the cross are typically small sculptures or pictures at the churches I have attended - not here. This station is about five feet in height and is intricately carved. I took this picture at 7am when cathedral opened, so I was able to takew advantage of the harsh spot light within the church.

While walking around town the last niught we were in Brussels. This is the Royal Palace. I'm not sure what goews on here (it was closed when we saw it), but it has wonderful architecture. My Gorilla-Pod tripod came in exceptionally handy for these night shots. This exposure was thirty seconds long to capture the image in low light - something I would never achieved without this handy tripod.

Brussles was a wonderful place to visit. If I were to go back, I would not return until I visited the other main areas of Europe (Rome, Venice, Paris, etc.), However, if you have a chance to stop in and look around Brussels, it is definitely worth the visit - you will not be disappointed.